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Make a big things bigger

Art, Painting & Design

Art is my soul


I have been drawing since I can remember. The first drawings are from when I was 4 years old. In this section I will present works from the period of high school and university.


I create paintings larger than 4m (13ft). These are acrylic or oil paintings on linen canvas. I love thick layer of black paint putted on the canvas. Sometimes very thick (about 5cm / 2"). In a few steps I will show you how did I create paintings. I make a lot of sketches – mini paintings in dimension 40×40cm (16×16").


I create furniture myself, sculpt, cutter, upholster. Some of the furniture are still in the concept phase, I haven't made them yet.

Small designs

Small designs are things which I co-created with my friends, under the name CROSTO. We created interactive walls, musical stairs and intelligent desk lamps.

Digital Paintings

In this section I will present you my short adventure with a graphics tablet. A short one because I was drawing on the tablet for only one year.

Digital Arts

Art is not only paints and brushes. In this section, I will present the works made with the help of graphic software. This is what I like to do for the most of my free time.

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